My passion is to empower women in their midlife to lead with impact + purpose without burning out and destroying their health in the process. As your health coach, I will provide support and encouragement, working in a collaborative way to help you realize your full potential. It’s a partnership that will inspire you to maximize your health and wholeness. Focusing on mind-body lifestyle practices—such as food + nutrition, herbal botanicals, joyful movement, restorative sleep, and stress relief, my goal is to motivate and empower change while promoting wellness and helping you feel your best.

  • Areas of Focus
    Menopause, Cognitive Decline, Reiki Energy Healing, Coaching for Recovery, Coaching for Embodied Presence Leadership, Food + nutrition, Herbal botanicals, Joyful movement, Restorative sleep, and Stress relief
  • Testimonial
    Samantha's guidance and support was like drinking a glass of fresh water whilecrossing a desert of anxiety and fear. She listened patiently and with great care towhat I was going through, and held a calm space where I could root, center andenvision myself planning healthy meals and routines to support me and my familylife. Her kind heart and thoughtfulness is a beautiful gift.Luz S.
  • Credentials
    National Board Certified Health & Wellness CoachFunctional Medicine Certified Health CoachReversing Cognitive Decline with the Bredesen Protocol SHE RECOVERS® Designated CoachCertified Women’s Herbal EducatorUsui Ryoho Reiki Master
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