As a health coach, my program is a roadmap to offer lifestyle change as a powerful tool for people with cancer, autoimmune disease, or those seeking emotional wellness. I work virtually with health-seekers and their caregivers one-on-one and in groups to allow you to focus more deeply on the Radical Remission healing factors. As a certified Radical Remission workshop facilitator, I offer hands-on workshops to teach your group of health-seekers how lifestyle choices such as diet change, stress reduction, and meditation can boost your immune system in scientifically proven ways.

  • Areas of Focus
    Lifestyle Change, Emotional Healing, Cancer, Autoimmune disease, Radical Remission, Diet change, Stress reduction, Meditation
  • Testimonial
    Coach Liz Curran has provided tremendous guidance and support in my wellness journey using the methodology behind Radical Remission. If you too have a chronic illness and are committed to living your best life, you will appreciate Liz too!Jamie
  • Credentials
    Certified by the National Board of Health & Wellness Coaches (NBHWC)Certified Radical Remission Workshop Instructor & Health CoachIntegrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC)
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