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What we all know: many chronic diseases can be prevented or even cured by making simple nutrition and lifestyle changes. 

Do we ever make them by ourselves? Let’s face it, most of the times, life gets in the way and we have so much to juggle that in the end our personal health ends up neglected.

Fast forward a few years and, surprise, you are diagnosed with diabetes or other nasty chronic condition. Enjoy life now! 

Health is the foundation to a happy life! We deserve to be healthy and happy.

Healthcoachery.com opens up the gate for you to take control of your health right now! On this platform we connect the best health coaching specialists with people who are proactive about their wellbeing and quality of life. 

We are lucky to live in the 21st century and have access to personalized health analytics to understand our bodies and what they need to be healthy.

If you want to find the right health coach to help you take some simple steps and feel good in your body and in your life again, you came to the right place. Healthcoachery.com helps you make a choice in a transparent, easy way. Check out the selection tool here


If you are a certified health or wellness coach, sign up and get found instantly by people who need your help. Use your experience and skills to change someone’s life for the better.  

The benefits of joining healthcoachery:

Reach new customers easily

Our platform is visited by people who are actively searching for health coaching and support to improve their lives. Being listed here is the easiest way they can find you.

Eye on quality

We approve only certified, legit health coaching professionals with a good reputation. So you are in good company on a platform which puts quality first.

Top notch profile

The details on your profile highlight your unique approach to health coaching and include all your professional credentials, a link to your website and most importantly a contact form through which people can get in touch with you instantly.

Save money on your marketing

No need to spend a lots of money on chasing new customers. We make it easier for you that qualified potential clients find you. They are just one click away.


World’s Leading Health and Wellness Coaching Directory