Revolutionary Healing is the femmifestation of my vision for making wellness accessible to black women & femmes. My purpose in life is to increase access to healing resources for black folks. For 15 years, my career in health education and coaching has allowed me to support hundreds of people in reaching their wellness goals. During this journey I’ve been able to unearth the connection between my profession as a wellness coach, my spiritual work as a healer, and my experience walking through the world as a queer, black woman. My purpose in life is to increase access to healing resources for black folks.

  • Areas of Focus
    Holistic Wellness, Guided Meditations and Yoga for Black Queer Women & Femmes
  • Testimonial
    Meckell is, without a doubt, one of the most uplifting and warmhearted souls I know. She has not only helped guide me throughout my own journey as a student, but has served as a mentor so that I can instill this warmth in my other relationships, and empower others as well to take hold of their futures. Meckell has taught me so much throughout the years, and has shown me such grace, compassion, and empathy every time I've seen her.
  • Credentials
    Master’s degree in Integrative Health StudiesNational Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach RYT-200 (Registered Yoga Teacher)Certified Wellness Practitioner Certified Reiki practitionerMaster herbalist Contributing author of Integrative Health Coaching: Resource Guide for Navigating Complementary and Integrative Health15+ years in Health Education
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