Are you struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
Are you feeling stuck?
Have you had a health scare?
Are you wishing life could somehow be different?
Are you wondering: "what comes next"?
Are you unsure of how to make lasting change?

I hear you. I feel your frustration and pain as I’ve been there.

Over the years I have dealt with chronic back pain and gastrointestinal issues. In 2014, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It was DEVASTATING. I was sad, angry - all the emotions came out. There were so many fears and unknowns. But I decided I would not let this diagnosis define me. You see, I found a way to see things differently and followed a different path.

I believe the body is capable of healing given the right inputs and mindset. So, I opted out of taking the recommended drugs. Instead, I experimented with different approaches including: food, movement, and energy work. Here’s what I discovered:
- food is medicine
- mindset and beliefs are powerful tools for change
- the moving meditations of Qigong removed the “fear” around the MS diagnosis
- consistency is key
- everyone’s journey is unique – there is no one magic formula that can be applied to all humans

As my healing journey evolved I discovered that my MS symptoms were likely due to Lyme Disease, gut dysbiosis and mold exposure.  Either way, my approach was creating a beneficial effect regardless of the actual "diagnosis".

My journey led me to become a Health & Wellness Coach and Qigong Guide. I am here to help you discover your unique path to healing and well-being. Finding your own way takes courage and possibly stepping outside of your comfort zone...and I am here to support you every step of the way.

How does it happen?
By partnering together to create a vision of what the fullest expression of your life looks like.
By being curious and asking powerful questions about all the possibilities available and why it even matters.
By exploring your mindset and beliefs.
By affirming your power.
By setting intentions.
By experimenting and discovering what works for you.
By moving forward and building momentum towards your transformation.

Why wait to make changes that can make a big difference?
Why wait to create a life where you are able to thrive?

Let’s discover your unique path and see what unfolds ❤️

  • Areas of Focus
    Whole Person Well-Being | Longevity Biohacks | Thriving in Menopause
  • Testimonial
    I am a recently-qualified health coach myself, and received coaching as part of my training. I was told - multiple times - during that process that I was not the easiest person to coach, being very resistant to goal-setting in general, and at times (ahem) quite verbose and tangential. This scattered thinking and lack of direction is the reason I need a coach in the first place, but it doesn’t make it very easy for the person tasked with the job. Karin had NO problem with me. I kind of couldn’t believe it, and I am VERY hard to impress. In fact, she was unbelievably adept at guiding me through both clarification and organization of my desired outcomes. She asked so many powerful, non-judgmental questions of me, helping me realize things I hadn’t even considered before. I was then finally able to use this insight to overcome long-standing obstacles and change previously stubborn behaviors. More importantly, she did all of this with compassion and curiosity, never inserting any of her opinions about what I should or could do. Instead, she consistently pointed out my strengths and highlighted my values, making me feel empowered and completely capable - and even excited - about moving forward along my ever-changing life path. I’ll definitely be re-engaging with her in the future whenever I feel lost in transition. We’re so fortunate she’s found her way into coaching; it seems such a natural gift of hers. I truly can’t recommend her highly enough. Tracy Jackson, MD
  • Credentials
    Certified Health & Wellness Coach - Mayo Clinic | Certified Functional Nutrition Coach - MindBodyGreen | Certified Practice Group Leader - Spring Forest Qigong
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