Practical science-based solutions to make lasting, sustainable change that will help you be your BEST SELF!
Whether it’s individual, family, groups, or the workplace, I offer several customizable options that will help you take action and transform your health. Through simple changes and a science-based approach to wellness, you’ll learn how to live L.E.A.N. through the four pillars of health:
Lifestyle – How you LIVE (Work/Life Balance, Stress Mgmt., Rest/Sleep, Relationships, Immune Health, Destructive Habits)
Exercise – How you MOVE (Exercise options, Routines, Fitness, Energy, Motivation)
Attitude – How you THINK (Focus, Positivity/Mood, Mindfulness, Brain Health, Confidence/Self-Efficacy, Mind/Body Connection)
Nutrition – How you EAT (Meal Habits, Portion Control, Food choices, Menu Plng, Eating Styles, Weight Mgmt.)

  • Areas of Focus
    Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, Nutrition
  • Testimonial
    You really did a great job of listening to me and responding to what we discussed. Coming up with a plan that is doable was very important. Great job and thank you so much for your guidance.M. C.Hilton Head Island, SC
  • Credentials
    Master Certified Health Coach
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