Carolina Functional Wellness can take your health and wellness to the next level. Whether you need help losing weight, finding a consistent movement practice or other life hacks, we're here to support you in your journey. As Certified Functional Medicine Health and Wellness Coaches we take a holistic view of the human body and target dysfunction in the system rather addressing symptoms with a "pill for an ill". Working in this way allows our clients to achieve their full potential and live with passion and purpose.

  • Areas of Focus
    Weight Loss, Functional Medicine, Behavioral Change, Disease management, Better sleep, Consistent movement or other lifestyle changes
  • Testimonial
    I had the pleasure of working with Kathleen and I would highly recommend her. She has a natural gift of coaching and is filled with integrity. Kathleen's approach is practical, healing and an overall fun experience. I had some wonderful epiphanies during her coaching that allowed me time to reflect and make serious changes that were beneficial to my body, mind and spirit. I am grateful for all of her time with helping me start a new and exciting journey towards healing myself and my future! - Leah, Miami
  • Credentials
    Certified Functional Medicine Health and Wellness Coach
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