Wellness Coaching is a partnership between you and your wellness coach. You set the agenda and you decide how and when to make lifestyle changes. Your coach supports you with focused discussion, structure, perspective, planning, accountability and motivational interviewing. Your coach will aid you in creating your personal custom formula for wellness. Wellness coaching isn't health education, consulting, training or therapy. You will never be told what to do. Your coach will not dispense advice. You are the expert regarding your life, and what will work for you. Your coach is a process expert trained in coaching and supporting lasting lifestyle change.

  • Areas of Focus
    Lifestyle Change, Health and Wellness
  • Testimonial
    My experience with Thrive Wellness Coaching far exceeded my original expectations. I wasn’t sure what to expect so at first I was just focused on changing my eating habits to get healthy. I watched a parent struggle with diabetes, beginning around a birthday I was close approaching, but otherwise had never thought much about my diet. My coach helped me to reflect and realize that I made it through long and hectic days at the office with a steady stream of caffeine and sugar relying on only the grab-and-go options close to work. Then I would get home late and eat large fast-food meals right before bed. My diet was fast and convenient, but certainly not sustainable and left me feeling drained and lethargic over the long-term. Working with a coach I was quickly able to adapt my eating habits with some prior planning on Sundays. I had to make things quick and easy for the work week, so I stocked my office with healthy whole-food options that I prepped on the weekend. I also did some research and found better options for take-out lunch and dinners to have new alternatives since cooking all the time is not practical for my schedule. Since I was able to make these changes much faster than I anticipated I decided to continue with coaching and expand the scope of my work to include some career goals. Coaching gave me an outsider perspective and greater confidence to strive for higher goals. I have recently been promoted and I know working with my coach was material to this success. Christopher
  • Credentials
    National Board Certified Health & Wellness CoachVinyasa Yoga TeacherCertified in whole-food plant-based (WFPB) nutrition by the T. Colin Campbell Foundation at Cornell UniversityB.A. in English from Boston College
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