I offer health and wellness coaching geared specifically for busy career and family-minded women and men who are accustomed to hectic schedules and to-do lists that never end. Being - and if we’re honest, looking - healthy has been a lifelong passion and at times a hot pursuit of mine. This was my pattern: Diet, train, step on scale. Repeat. After decades of 'trying everything' and a lot of life experience under my belt, I finally found moderation and peace. It wasn't all for naught. Over the past 12+ years I've had the opportunity to invest what I learned. I've had the honor of coaching clients via behavior change to lose thousands of pounds not to mention get healthier sleep, eat well as a family, getting organized, take time for themselves. Best of all, to believe in themselves and to live with moderation and in peace.

  • Areas of Focus
    Wellness & Weight Loss
  • Testimonial
    I worked with Aimie for almost two years and loved every moment of it. Her expertise changed my life and gave me tools to fall back on and keep up after I lost over thirty pounds with theKORS. But more important than her knowledge was her true kindness and interest in me as a person. She became much more than a nutrition coach—she was definitely an amazing life coach. Every meeting we talked about so much more than eating habits, and I came to lean on her for so many things! I’m very glad Aimie is re-launching theKORS so others can experience their own success.-Lizbeth Selvig
  • Credentials
    NBHWC Board Certified Health & Wellness CoachMayo Clinic Certified Health & Wellness CoachNASM Fitness Nutrition SpecialistBS, Marketing and Management, University of Wisconsin, StoutNETA Group Fitness Instructor NETA Certified Personal Trainer Lemond Cycling Certified
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