I’m Afsi Felsher and it is my passion and purpose to help you find relief from your hormone discomfort through special, customized programs that target hormone imbalance. Together we can co-create a healthier lifestyle that fits your needs and enables you to retrieve vitality and navigate the changes of hormonal shifts with desired outcomes, such as:

1.Wake up each morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day
2. Lose the extra weight and keep it off without dieting
3. Enjoy comfortable digestion without the bloating
4. Look in the mirror and see youthful, healthy skin and glossy hair
5. Not be held back due to feelings of anxiety and doubt
6. Experience calm and peace
7. Enjoy mental clarity and sharpness
8. Feel confident, healthy, and just like yourself again

  • Areas of Focus
    Hormone health, Weight loss, Natural Menopause Counseling, Nutrition, Fitness, Hormone Balance Yoga , and Mindfulness
  • Credentials
    Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, Digestion, Weight loss and Hormone SpecialistNational Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach
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