In order to optimize your health Barbara designs a treatment plan specific to your individual patterns and biochemistry, and looks at your health through the following lenses:

Traditional Oriental Medicine seeks to create harmony within an individual’s body and between that individual and the larger creation. Everything in the world is understood to be made up of the five elements, including our bodies, and creating harmony among those elements is fundamental to all healing. Chinese Medicine understands a person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects as one interrelated system.

Functional Nutrition is an approach to treating health conditions and preventing disease by finding the root cause of your health issues. We find out why you have the diagnosis by doing an in-depth assessment to look at all of your body systems (not just the one causing symptoms), and evaluate how well your body is communicating. Functional nutrition focuses on the patient instead of the disease. It is a personalized method of optimizing your health based on your individual genetics, lab values, lifestyle, and more.

Your Treatment Plan may include supplements, herbal remedies, dietary recommendations, wellness coaching, gentle detoxification, brain and body exercises, acupuncture (this is very limited because of COVID-19), and relaxation practices.

  • Areas of Focus
    Cancer Support, Brain Health, Personal Wellness, Auto-immune disease, Optimizing health and well-being, Supporting women through peri menopause and menopause, Positive Psychology, Wellness Coaching, Traditional Oriental Medicine and Functional Nutrition
  • Testimonial
    Barbara’s treatments are amazingly therapeutic, unique, comprehensive, and calming to the nervous system. Her approach is targeted at treating the whole body, mind, and soul. I have never met such a warm and wise practitioner who listens intently to my symptoms, but really pays attention and treats the underlying cause. Barbara’s awareness of the subtle, the unseen, and the emotional layers of my physical issues is really what sets her apart from other practitioner’s I have seen.
  • Credentials
    National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC)Licensed Acupuncturist National Board Certified Oriental Health Practitioner Apollo Health Certified Health CoachDr. Amen Certified Brain Health Coach
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