I work with my clients to discover what is best for them. Since we are not all the same, why should we all eat and exercise the same? What is right for you? Let me help you find out what works best for you! By working with me, I offer small changes that you can make that will add up to large improvements over time. So no boring diets, no huge overhaul of your whole life, and no counting calories. Just small, easy steps... because no journey ever succeeded by attempting to take giant running leaps.
Some of the methods used are:
1. To each their own: We are not all the same so why should we be treated the same? By exploring different dietary options and food choices, clients will find what works best for them instead of what the latest fad is.
2. Focus on replacing not depriving: Instead of focusing on what is to be given up, clients are taught to focus on replacing each item with a healthier alternative so unhealthy items are easily removed without feelings of deprivation.
3. Holistic life view: Being healthy doesn't involve just healthy eating and exercise. It includes all areas of life including relationships, career, spirituality, and even finances. By examining all areas of life, clients can create change that brings true health and happiness.
4. Addressing cause of cravings: Why do we crave certain foods? By examining cravings, we can determine WHY we're craving those foods and address the issue(s).

  • Areas of Focus
    Integrative nutrition health, Relationships, career, finances, and spirituality as well as diet and exercise
  • Credentials
    Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach
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