Guided Resilience is a self-care process that transforms personal challenges into personal growth through mindful integration of body, mind, and spirit. We support efforts to stop the incessant pace and intensity of life, breathe your way to stability and ease, think about your self-care and growth process, and choose a life of your design.

What to Expect:
1. Facilitate a transformation process through visioning, goal setting, accountability
2. Increase your capacity to achieve and sustain positive change by supporting emotional regulation
3. Practice self awareness skills to amplify strengths, identify challenges, and set achievable goals
4. Gain confidence in navigating your personal path to well-being, resilience and growth with clarity, grace, and hope.

Who is this for?
1. Those who seek support for stress, overwhelm, burnout, significant life transitions
2. Anyone who desires to live a more authentic life aligned with strengths and values
3. Those seeking contentment through exploring meaning and purpose

1. Increase self-awareness and self-knowledge
2. Increase personal responsibility for self-care
3. Acquire mindful self-regulation skills to sustain mood and energy
4. Attain personal and professional goals
5. Sustain behavior change
6. Increase life satisfaction
7. Increase resilience
8. Increase self-efficacy
9. Develop a sense of purpose and meaning
10. Gain confidence to sustain positive lifestyle change

  • Areas of Focus
    Holistic wellness, Positive psychology coaching, Personal growth, and resilience strategies including meditation, mindfulness, yoga, imagery, and other modalities
  • Testimonial
    I am the happiest I have ever been and part of that is because of my work with Coach Cami.– SANDI WEWERKA, CLIENT
  • Credentials
    Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness CoachWellCoaches® Certified Professional Health and Wellness CoachWellCoaches® Certified Health and Wellness CoachYogafit® Instructor – Level 5Circle of Life™ Health and Wellness CoachHeartMath® Certified TrainerMA in Holistic Health Studies, University of St. Catherine, St. Paul, MNMA in Physical Education, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA
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